Clare Harriette Downey

I am a conceptual fashion designer, illustrator, sample maker, book collector, lover of records on vinyl and creator of wearable technology.

I have recently returned to Aotearoa, New Zealand after twenty years living, working, and studying in The UK.  Initially situated in Cambridge, and then in London, I had a design studio producing bespoke and short to medium order garments and collections for a range of clients from the UK high Street to emerging artists and performers.  I have a not so hidden passion for millinery and creating historically accurate garments.

My Conceptual Framework

The subject matter is taken from the synaptic points from an imaginary moment in time. The moment before you breathe. The laughter afterwards. This is a conceptual way of working and the process involves writing, illustrating, and plucking ideas out from aspects of the writing and illustration in order to create a clothing collection for the wearer which is both the structure from the moment and a positive boost into the future.


It is of great delight to me to find that after 20 years, and the severe restructuring of the city, that Christchurch still has an array of creative people pushing the boundaries of art, music and design. I am really enjoying getting to know "The Humans of Aotearoa" again and look forward to working on various projects and also on my own collections of clothing.