Today I was focusing on the attaching the Conduit adaptor so that I can run the HDMI and Ethernet cables into the enclosure.  I always get carried away with the design side of things and that tripped me up today. 

When I dropped round to a friends place to attach the cable mount I realised that the enclosure was too small.  My friend reminded me that getting everything in there and running readily should be the main focus. There were workarounds, but then I figured the best thing to do was to upgrade the enclosure, (while I still have the receipt and the plastic bag!).   Having room to move is a real benefit - especially at this early stage.

A quick bike ride later and Global PC delivered not only a enclosure swap but also the one small, obscure item I was lacking to get rig going over the weekend - the micro USB adaptor for the PoE (Power over Ethernet) box - nice!