The CloudDreamR project aims to interact with Data.  Most of the initial part of the design process has been around assembling and activating the hardware, and as that comes together I am finding myself looking forwards to the time when I begin to access the data flow.

With this in mind I found myself with a gap in the hardware implementation and decided to look into the software workflow, what that might look and how it might work.

Anticipating the types of data I might be able to work with from the Raspberry Pi camera as wellthe Environmental sensors I have on order, I began some experiments with gnuplot.

I like reading the history around computer hardware and software, so I was drawn to gnuplot because is one of those 'early' opensource programs.   It's design began out of necessity, and was initiated by two classmates in the late 1980's.

I installed it on Ubuntu 16.04 and began reading the documentation and following some examples in Terminal.

By the end of the day I had begun to achieve some of the ideas I had been conceptualizing earlier.  Could I make a graph with out keys, or codes, on numbers?  Like just and image?

It took a while but I began to get some simple results that I liked.  And I figured out that I could manipulate the colour in ways that I want to going forward.




experiment 64.png
experiment 42.png
experiment 8.png