The open source electronics movement, such as Arduino, has unleashed a new world of possibility. This session introduces a range of microcontrollers and their potential to bring interactive works to life.

Bzzz the sound of electricity

Cécile Babiole’s Bzzz! The Sound of Electricity employs a series of 6 Arduino microcontrollers and 12 pa amplifiers to create an organic albeit electronic sound-scape installation. Apparently the signals of the individual Arduino microcontrollers are allowed to interact and ‘scrape’ off of one another to produce some form of emergent whole. 

Cécile Babiole


Konstelakcja is a project based on the phenomenon of emergence - interactions between each individual piece becomes more complex than the sum of its parts. This creates the impression of a phenomena controlled from above, when in fact it has no central control. The basic module is a regular tetrahedron made of vacuum-formed plastic. Within each module there are receptors light and LEDs and a simple microcontroller.

Pan Generator


Rain Room can be seen as an amplified representation of our environment. Human presence prevents the rain from falling, creating a unique atmosphere and exploring how human relationships to each other and to nature are increasingly mediated through technology.

Random International


Tuesday 20th June
6 - 8pm


Fab Lab Chch
Artbox Main Gallery
Ara Institute of Canterbury
Madras Street


Limited to 20 people
Cost: $8.00