Ella Chau Yin Chi

Ella Chau Yin Chi is a DIY musician and multimedia artist that works under the moniker French_concession 法國租界. She creates electro dreampop that contains rich and vivid synth-scapes with a touch of oriental influence. Her visual works are often a manifestation of her music in the form of video and animation. It is her desire to bring fantasy closer to reality through art and technology.

Ella has a degree in Film & TV production, Architectural Design, and a master degree in Sustainable Emergency Architecture. She gained experience in various architect and interior design offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Christchurch. In film production, in 2013 she directed, edited & scored a documentary called ‘Mani, the Hidden Valley at a Crossroads’ and received screening from major international mountain film festivals in Nepal and Slovenia.

Ella was born in Hong Kong, grew up partly in New Zealand, lived in Australia, China, Spain, Japan, Nepal, and Singapore. She considers herself a citizen of the world.

Music - https://soundcloud.com/french_concession

Music Videos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_bTm-JXkKIIzZo8LlA894Q

Other Videos - https://vimeo.com/ellachau

Architecture/Interior Design Works - http://ellachau.tumblr.com