Motion capture and motion sensing have the power to turn a passive audience into active participants. Gain an awareness of technologies that see and sense movement.

curiosity cloud

Called Curiosity Cloud, Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler's installation for Perrier-Jouët consists of 264 suspended blown-glass bulbs, each of which contains a hand-made model of an insect.
The installation lies dormant when there's nobody around. But the bulbs light up and the insects inside start fluttering against the glass as soon as visitors get close.



Developed by the Innovation Lab of Milla & Partner GmbH, a German interaction and spatial design agency based in Stuttgart and Berlin, NO_THING is a tracking and mapping framework that uses infrared light to turn portable physical objects into interactive displays.

creative interactions network

sxsw - perfume performance

The video involves several “tricks,” as Manabe puts it. The illusion began with preproduction, including an elaborate 3-D scan of the Austin venue and another of Perfume running through their performance.



Tuesday 13th June
6 - 8pm


Aftermath Gallery
165 Gloucester St
Christchurch Central


Limited to 20 people
Cost: $8.00