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Steve Brodie

Steve Brodie – BFA – Whitecliffe College of Art and Design

My work is situated in sociological perspectives of the Modern City and the dynamics of the contemporary archive – corporate, community, and individual – as it relates to Big Data.

Drawn to the idea that RAW data can be neutral until it is contextualized, my work focuses on the decontextualization of RAW data
as well as the (mis)repreresentation of mutiple data sets, or Multiple Data Arrays.

As current infographics and statistical representations morph into the animated realm I am interested in how they might present within the VR/AR environment with reference to the scientific photography of Eadweard Muybridge and the impact they had on Francis Bacon.

By creating collaborative links between technology, environment, and art through Electrical Engineering, Geographic Information Systems, Computer Science, and Environmental Study these sites of research and concepts will deliver multiple learning streams and outcomes.