Still Beating

Creative Concept

'Still Beating' will be created as a three-dimensional sculpture shaped like a human heart, created with two-dimensional engraved slices that react to a viewer getting closer to it.

A brief summation of the concept behind the sculpture is the assertion that contact and involvement with others are key to rebuilding and/or maintaining mental well-being.

The sculpture will consist of sheets of clear acrylic with images engraved into each slice. The slices will be separate and lit through a core running through the centre that will light up each illustration on the individual plates. Each layer will illustrate one aspect of contact and engagement.

The sculpture light will gradually become stronger with a blue light when people are some distance away. As an observer gets closer, the light will become stronger, slowly changing to red and begin to pulse with a slow heartbeat rhythm. When a viewer is very close, the light will be a deep red with a strong heartbeat timed light pulse. The intention is to develop sound to accompany the statue at a later stage. The sound will consist of snatches of conversation (possibly recorded in real time) and the intensity will mirror the light effect.

Collaborators: Wendy Clarke and other members of DRCT Current.