Stage 1 - Communication

Had a couple of goes at getting the robot working with the Raspberry Pi. Using the correct documentation has helped a lot and the interface works now.

I have facial recognition working on the Pi and when it detects a face it sends instructions to the robot to play a little melody.

Playing with movement is a bit tricky because the robot is want to escape. Once I have the untethered setup working things will be a lot easier.

Here's a picture of my setup, working at AfterMath Gallery on a sunny afternoon:


Shipment Received!!

I was stoked to receive the iCreate robot in the post earlier this week. It was quite a stressful process. Firstly, the supplier wouldn't ship to New Zealand, so I had to use the NZ Post international shipping service. Of course if they don't ship to New Zealand, why would they bother accepting NZ credit cards. With a bit of fudging I got the credit card to accept, but in the process I left a line of the postal address. Fortunately a quick email to NZ post fixed it right up and the package was on it's way. Shipping turned out to be more expensive than I expected including a GST cost I hadn't planned for.

Anyway the box has arrived and I am ready to start hacking.


Vacuumer of Fears

Creative Concept

A friendly robot that can follow people and make funny (reassuring) noises.

Outcome: explores the early relationships between people and robots and how personality can be presented on a limited time-frame/budget.

Influenced by Disney etc. movies and contemporary capitalism.

A configurable floor robot that costs only ~$400 (including to ship over from the US):

Plus attach and configure a primesense or Kinect 3D camera and a speaker/microphone.

Collaborators: Ronan Whitteker + more tbc.